Video Poker for Beginners

Video Poker for Beginners

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The rising technology standards of the 1970s allowed for gaming companies to produce video poker machines to reside in land-based casinos and gambling outlets.

After emerging on basic video screens, the games can now be played at online casino sites while staying true to the retro graphics of the originals.

Video Poker Rules and Games

Commonly, the player will bet by assigning a coin value and number of coins. The player can then exchange up to four cards like they would in five-card draw.

For the most part, video poker games are adapted from the rules of five-card draw, but there can be subtle differences depending on the variant in question. The most popular are shown below:

• Jacks or better: the most popular video poker, and one where players need to make a pair of jacks or better in order to receive a payout.

• 10s or better: a slightly easier version where you only need to hold a pair of 10s or better for a payout.

• Joker poker: includes a joker card and the payouts start from kings or better. The wild functionality of the joker allows for players to complete additional winning hands, including a joker royal flush or five of a kind.

• Deuces wild: similar to joker poker, but this time the 2s are played as wild, thus allowing for them to be changed. The extra payouts feature five of a kind, wild royal flush, and four wild deuces.

• Deuces & joker: the coming together of wild deuces and a joker allows for a huge jackpot to be paid out on those five cards being drawn at once.

• Double bonus: a special payout shall be awarded on four 2s, 3s, or 4s, while even higher winnings shall be given out on four aces.

• Bonus deuces wild: Four deuces and an ace pay highly, as do five 3s, 4s, or 5s.

• Aces & faces: similar to jacks or better, but the payouts are higher for making a four of a kind using jacks, queens, or kings.

• Aces & 8s: this alters the previous rules by delivering enhanced payouts for getting a four of a kind with aces, 7s, or 8s.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is quite easy to understand if players have basic poker experience. In the more basic variants, such as jacks or better, then the hands are arranged in the same importance as most poker variants. Novice players would be advised to practice the following advice:

• Make it affordable: adding more coins does raise the level of the payouts, but the stakes will be more costly.

• Understand the rules: you can apply standard poker strategy in jacks or better, but not with a game like deuces wild, where you need to hold the 2s rather than discard.

• Get some practise: try to practise before committing to a new video poker variant. A simple Google version can help you find free-play video poker.

Video poker plays out at a quick pace that is similar to slots, but can be more appealing to players because they can easily be familiar with the single deck of cards used.

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