Top Types of Online Poker

Top Types of Online Poker

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Online poker has reached a point where Texas hold’em is the leading choice for players, but the top sites cover another couple of major variants.

Below, you can find summarised rules for the main types of online poker.

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Texas Hold’em

A round starts by identifying the dealer button (doesn’t have to physically deal), small blind, and big blind, with the latter two being forced to make bets.

After the big blind, there is a round of betting, with calls, raises, and folds all permitted. Players have to decide based on the two hold cards they start with.

The next round of betting will continue for the dealing of three community cards that are termed as the flop.

A next round of betting continues the hand, with a single turn card being presented. Any player still in the hand will start another betting round to see the final river card.

A last round of betting concludes the hand, with those left showing their hands.

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Omaha Hi

Omaha is actually quite similar to Texas hold’em and can be played with pot limit or no limit betting.

At the start, players receive four hole cards rather than two. The betting starts with the small and big blinds, with the next players allowed to fold, call, or raise.

In Omaha, the hand continues by drawing three community cards on the flop, one on the turn, and a last card on the river.

At each stage, players shall be required to fold, call, or raise along the way.

The hand ends with a final showdown, with players using two hole cards and three community cards to create the highest-value hand possible.

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Omaha Hi-Lo

At a glance, Omaha hi-lo plays out quite similarly to Omaha hi. In fact, the only obvious difference shall be presented whenever you reach the showdown at the very end of the round, where all shall be made obvious.

In Omaha hi-lo, the pot is divided in two. Half shall be awarded to the player with the highest hand, such as four kings or a royal flush.

However, there is a second half of the pot that goes to the player with the best low hand, which can be made up from cards of eight or lower. For reference, ace-2-3-4-5 is the best low hand that can be made.

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Seven-card Stud

Seven-card stud was widely played until the emergence of Texas hold’em. It all begins with each player receiving two cards showing and one that is facing down.

The player holding the lowest-ranked up-card is then required to pay a compulsory ante bet known as the “bring in”.

Another up-card and proceeding betting round are carried out, with the strongest showing hand required to start.

Then follows a third up-card and round of betting, fourth up-card and round of betting, and a final down-card and round of betting.

In the end, players make the best hand of five cards three down-cards and four up-cards.

When trying new poker games, it’s important to start with lower stakes while going through the learning phase.

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