Three-card Poker Explained

Three-card Poker Explained

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Three-card poker is a simplified variant where players take on the dealer rather than a table of other competitors.

This streamlined designed allows for three-card poker to be played at online casino sites and bring the game to the masses.

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Three-card Poker Rules

For a first-timer, it can be a little bit confusing to start playing three-card poker.

The rules aren’t displayed on the screen and this might lead to the sacrificing of rounds to the dealer.

Obviously, this is a bad idea, as it’s already difficult enough to outplay the dealer. Here, the starting point shall be to explain the rules.

At the beginning, you have the ability to place two wagers when competing against the dealer on the hand:

• Ante wager: an ante wager shall be required in order to take part in the hand.

• Pair plus: at the same time, you can choose to back a side-bet that will pay out if you have a pair or better.

After the ante wager and pair plus, the dealer and the player will each receive three cards. At this point, the player will need to decide on whether they wish to fold or else stake a play wager that is equal to the value of the ante wager.

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The dealer will have to hold a single queen or higher, at this stage, causing the hands to be compared and resolved.

If the dealer doesn’t have queens or higher, then the player will receive the dealer’s ante bet.

These are the hand rankings in three-card poker from lowest to highest:

• High card
• Pair
• Flush
• Straight
• Three-of-a-kind
• Straight flush

Upon resolving the hands, the player will win with any pair or better if they have staked on pair plus.

Meanwhile, there can be an ante bonus for the following hands:

• Straight: 1/1 pay-out
• Three-of-a-kind: 4/1 pay-out
• Straight flush: 5/1 pay-out

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Three-card poker Strategy

In three-card poker, it’s tougher to make a pair when compared to mainstream games such as five-card draw or Texas hold’em.

As a result, three-card poker requires a different strategy that new players are not often familiar with.

This variant calls for shrewd players to fold in most circumstances whenever they don’t have a pair.

This assumes that the ante bet has been made, but players are yet to decide to if they want to place the play bet.

However, there are some instances when you can beat the dealer by making the play bet whenever you have don’t have a pair.

And this is based on the fact that the dealer has to play when they have queen or higher.

Here are the cut-off points for folding with a high card:

• Queen and 7 or higher: Make the play bet.
• Queen, 6, and four or higher: Make the play bet.
• Fold on anything lower

Three-card poker is played in the table gaming sphere rather than with human players.

This shall call for you to adopt a different strategy and learn some new rules.

Revisit this guide if you need a reminder of the rules and strategy.

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