Slot Reviews

Bridesmaids Slot Review

Bridesmaids is a popular online slot brought by Microgaming, themed around the popular comedy Bridesmaids.

The game has an okay RTP of 96.71% but offers cool graphics and features such as free spins and wilds.

In addition this online slot also offers bonus games and has been mobile optimized to be played on your mobile device.

Summer Holiday Slot Review

The Summer Holiday Slot is another great slot from Microgaming with an exceptionally high RTP of 97.14.

Equipped with five reels, four rows and a hundred paylines, this slot gives you a ton of opportunities to win and have fun.

In addition the game is fully mobile optimized and has wilds plus free spins for even more winnings

Mad Dash Slot Review

Mad Dash is one of the highest RTP slots from Microgaming with a percentage of 97.10%.

In addition, this slot offers free spins, as well as wilds and it’s available for your mobile device.

We have also included a review on the rest of the game features and what it can offer you.

Froot Loop Slot Review

Froot Loop as the name suggests is a deliciously sweet online slot game from Microgaming.

With an exceptionally high RTP of 97.17% this slot offers the classic “slot” feeling and looks.

However being 2018, makes the design seem outdated, thought the high payout rate and colors make up for it.

MegaSpin: High 5 Slot Review

MegaSpin: High 5 Slot is a Microgaming slot with an exceptional RTP of 97.43% as well as many cool features for the players.

Offering three by nine reels and one by nine paylines with wilds as well it gives you fun times and hundreds of chances to win.

Though the design lacks of flashy images and pictures of known movies/games/people, it still brings excitement to the player.

Jungle 7s Slot Review

Jungle 7s is a great slot from Microgaming, offering the old classic feeling of the lucky 7s.

The game has a very high RTP of 97.43% and multipliers of up to 25x, giving you sizeable winnings.

The slot however lacks of bonus features and free spins and that’s why we have listed it lower on our top 11 list.