Online Poker Betting for Beginners

Poker Betting Guides

In the early-2000s, online poker was the dominant form of gambling, with sites not yet outlawed in the US and players flocking to the pastime.

Today, online poker is alive and well, but is comprised of more experienced players who actively compete against one another.

Poker remains an enticing game for the drama offered and for the fact that you get to compete against friends or unknown opponents in trying to win pots and tournaments.

If you want to get involved, then this guide will inform you of the basics.

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Understanding the Basic Rules

Let us assume that you have created an account with a site like bet365 or Betfair.

These are two of the leading poker sites for delivering a generous welcome offer and providing frequent poker tournaments.

When registering, you can download the appropriate software on you desktop or mobile device.

At this point, you must now understand the basics of playing poker.

Many years have passed since the start of the century, but Texas hold’em remains the most popular variant.

These are the Texas hold’em rules that you must understand:

• Left of the button/dealer is the small blind and then comes the big blind. The small blind automatically covers half of the minimum bet, while the big blind has to cover the full value.

• Players are then dealt two cards each, leaving the others to decide whether or not to see the blind or bet higher. It will then be on the small and big blinds to meet the current betting value or else fold.

• At this point, three community cards collectively called “the flop” will be presented on the table. The players then proceed by betting on their cards and the flop cards.

• All players who call the current highest bet will get to see the fourth “turn” card. Betting will then continue for another round.

• Each remaining player will be permitted to see the fifth “river” card, having covered the latest betting.

• The hand finishes with a last round of betting.

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Poker Tips for Starting Out

Understanding the rules is a fundamental part of the process, but there are some other tips that can enable you to have a smoother beginning process:

• Maximise your welcome offer: A good welcome offer will carry various perks, including access to free games. These free games are ideal for gaining experience in how to play more effectively.

• Unlocking bonus funds: Check out how many points are required to unlock bonus funds. Poker sites typically withhold bonus funds until players have completed achievements or met certain thresholds.

• Take your time: There are numerous strategies and techniques to improve your play, but don’t rush into reading all of them at once. You need to integrate them gradually rather than get carried away.

• Analyse your losses: Look back on your losses to see where it went wrong, as this might help you to avoid similar disappointment later on down the line.

Bet365 Poker can deliver up to £100 on your first deposit – either poker site can be a great starting point.

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