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For full disclosure, it’s just not possible to win on every single spin that you make when playing online slot machines.

These games are operated based on random number generators (RNGs), so you should expect to encounter both hot and cold streaks in your experience.

At the same time, there are some ways in which you can improve slot machine strategy to give you a better chance of winning.

And that’s the ideal scenario that you can hope for, as the best casino slot games cannot be fooled. now presents a guide on the topic of how to win on slot machines.

Read through our various hints and tips to give yourself the best chance of winning in your next online casino session.

Find the slot RTP

By definition, RTP is the return to player and it’s expressed as percentage.

At casino sites, it’s used on slot games to determine how much they can potentially pay back on player wagers in the long-term.

Naturally, you want to find the highest RTP possible when seeking the best casino slot.

For slots, the RTP is typically found within the range of 90% to 100%. Broadly speaking, there are bands: 90% to 94.9% and 95% to 99.9%.

There can be cases of slots falling beneath 90%, but that is more likely for progressive jackpots.

Obviously, a slot is less likely to pay-out a significant long-term return if it’s programmed to fall into the first band.

Before playing a slot, you can usually perform a quick Google check to find the RTP. For this example, the search is for a slot called Thunderstruck 2.

One of the most effective searches can be to simply add the words “slot RTP”. This would give you “Thunderstruck 2 slot RTP” and the finding of 96.65%.

After making the search, you can simply look for RTP in bold and then verify the percentage value.

For clarity, it can help to compare a couple of values in the search results in order to determine legitimacy. If the RTP is above 95%, then the game is more likely to be one of the best slot machines to play.

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Determine slot variance

Slot variance is a scale whereby the lowest slots deliver smaller winnings at frequent intervals, whereas the higher slots provider potentially larger winnings at infrequent intervals.

As a result, you can encounter low variance slots, medium variance slots, and high variance slots.

For Thunderstruck 2, you could perform the following search: “Thunderstruck 2 slot variance”.

This would lead you to ascertain that the slot falls between low and high, which would make it a medium variance slot.

Now, the reason why it helps to know slot variance is because this will impact your strategy.

For example, a smaller bankroll could disappear in the blink of an eye on a high variance slot, as these don’t generate winnings as often.

Meanwhile, a high roller mightn’t be impressed by the small multipliers offered by a low variance slot.

One of the best slot machine tips is to walkaway immediately after a winning streak on a high variance game, as you could soon be staring at a cold streak that erodes all of your earnings.

And you can feel better making that decision if you know advance that the slot is high variance, which is where the Google search can help you out.

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Slot game checklist

Knowing how to pick a winning slot machine is an inexact science, as the RNG, RTP, and variance can all come into play entirely at random.

Nevertheless, it does help to perform an initial check-through on the basic design of the slot:

• Reels and rows: five reels by three rows presents 15 symbol positions. Knowing the number of possible symbols can help you understand the possibilities.

• Paylines: look for number of paylines or ways of win, and whether or not they can be adjusted. A high number of paylines, such as 25+, can be expensive to wager on, but you will have more ways of winning.

• Number of symbols: seeing only 10 to 12 symbols lessens the number of possibilities, so improves your chances of winning. You can count the symbols in the paytable, but be wary of 15+ as there are too many different outcomes.

• Base game multipliers: set aside all of the special features and look only at the base game symbols. If the highest are 100x to 200x, then you are staring at a low variance slot. As such, you need to reign in your expectations.

• Wagering budget: figure out how many spins you can afford with all paylines active. And definitely think about decreasing your line bet to have more turns.

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Special features you want in a slot

After determining the design of the slot, you can now venture into the realm of special features.

Details on these can also be found in the paytable, but in the latter pages.

Here are some of the most stellar features to target whenever they are available:

• Wild symbol substitutes: these symbols are designed to appear in paylines as substitutes for missing symbols. They can substitute for most symbols, but not usually for special ones.

• Free spins: this is quite an achievable outcome and it feels great because you receive complimentary spins. Winning big on free spins is often the perfect the time to take your winnings and leave.

• Bonus round: you enter a special round where winnings are almost always guaranteed, albeit to smaller or higher amounts. Bonus rounds are less frequent compared to wilds or free spins, however.

• Progressive jackpot: this is an added jackpot that can be created from portions of player wagers on a progressive slot. Progressive jackpots aren’t won all that often, but they can be a nice bonus for those who do claim them.

Winning on slot machines is never guaranteed, but this guide can help you understand when it’s not worth risking your winnings and when to go out on a high.

With slot games, it’s easily possible to win, but not forever, so it’s all about knowing when the balance has shifted in your favour.

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