How To Play Online Keno

How to play online keno

Online Keno Betting Guide

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For one reason or another, online keno is a game that some players might overlook at casino sites.

And this could be for a number of justifications, including a lack of knowledge of how the game works or else a misconception of what it can deliver.

A major strength of online keno games is that they are played at a fast pace and you can complete round after round in a short space of time.

Of course, this is true for many table games and video slots, but an online keno game isn’t as complex as the interface would suggest.

Right here, is going to take the time to explain how to play online keno, going into the rules, payouts, and strategy.

For added interest, this online keno guide will also delve into the fascinating origins of the game. We recommend you try the following casinos to play Keno:

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History of keno

Today, China is quite a restricted country when it comes to gambling, with Macao being the only region.

Many centuries earlier, however, the country was quite dependent on the revenue drawn from keno games.

In fact, legend has it that keno proceeds even went toward helping to pay for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Of course, such a claim does need to be viewed with a little scepticism, as there are no records of Chinese lottery licences being granted prior to the middle of the 19th century.

Either way, keno is known to have deep roots in China and was eventually brought over to America, and from there the game has gone global at online casinos.

Online keno vs. lottery

The best Microgaming casinos have an online keno game that is well worth trying out.

For the most part, keno games don’t generally change much in terms of rules, which is why this guide is drawing the rules from the keno game that is found at Microgaming casino sites.

As you might have read or heard, keno is a game that is often compared to lottery games.

And that is because keno basically is a type of lottery game in that you pick numbers for a ticket and then get winnings depending on how many or your numbers are drawn out by the balls that are randomly selected.

Comparatively, the major advantage of keno compared to mainstream lottery games is that you are not waiting on a weekly or monthly schedule for the draws.

All you have to do is log in to a Microgaming casino and then load up the keno game and start playing.

You will get to run as many rounds of keno as you should so desire.

Online keno rules

After loading up a keno game online, you will see a large grid with numbered boxed that go all the way from one to 80.

Once you have placed your wager, you will then get to select a preferred numbered of grid positions.

Naturally, it is easy to hit fewer numbers, but this will be reflected by the lower multipliers given out at the lower levels.

In the Microgaming keno game, you can start with a wager of only one coin.

If you want to go much higher, then it is possible to wager with up to 10 coins.

However, raising the coins will obligate you to match the corresponding number of grid positions that are dictated.

For instance, 10 coins will always require covering 15 places on the grid.

After making your decisions, the game will start and then proceed to randomly select 20 numbers from the 80 potential options presented on the screen.

As you can see, it is quite tough to match 15 numbers if only 20 are selected, but doing so will lead to an impressive keno payout.

To select your numbers, simply click or tap on the ones you want from the grid – that’s all you have to do.

If you want to remove them, then you can clear them entirely or else click on each one to get rid of them.

And it’s also worth looking to see if your keno game has the option for random number selection if you don’t to have to make any tough choices.

Online keno payouts

Just so you know, there isn’t a major amount of deviation when it comes to keno payouts at online casinos.

In many cases, you will find that the keno payouts are broken down as outlined in the table below, with the number of coins/multipliers being applied to the volume of numbers that have been hit from your selections.

At the same time, please be aware that this table of payouts will not be the definitive rules for every keno game ever made.

As such, must advise that you view the payouts below as an example of what is found at many types of casino sites.

Number of Hits
0 coins
3 coins
9 coins
12 coins
16 coins
50 coins
75 coins
100 coins
720 coins
1,200 coins
1,800 coins
3,000 coins
4,000 coins
6,000 coins
7,500 coins
10,000 coins

Online keno odds

From the table above, you can see that the jackpot of 10,000 coins is that absolute pinnacle of what you win from playing keno online.

But what you must understand is that it costs so much extra to wager on 15 numbers, and that you are going to struggle to win frequently with 15 numbers.

Below, you can look through a table of keno odds.

These are based on your chances of hitting when you elect to play with a ticket of 15 numbers selected.

The numbers do get quite large, so look out for the commas and decimal points denoting the exact values.

Number of Hits
1 in 124.7482552563138400
1 in 19.1280658059681230
1 in 6.7595420517330970
1 in 4.1597181856819050
1 in 3.9965919823218305
1 in 5.6769772476162370
1 in 11.5810335851371200
1 in 33.4563192459516900
1 in 136.3988400027260700
1 in 789.1647171586296000
1 in 6,576.3726429885810000
1 in 81,020.9109616193000000
1 in 1,539,397.3082707668000000
1 in 48,362,732.1015065900000000
1 in 2,853,401,193.9888890000000000
1 in 428,010,179,098.3334000000000000

Online keno strategy

Much of your strategy should involve trying to balance risk vs. reward. Now, what is meant by this is that winning the very highest payouts is extremely uncommon, as you can see from the table of odds above.

Going for all 15 numbers does promise the highest payout, but you aren’t likely to win and could simply watch your bankroll get bled down.

For this reason, you want try and lessen the risk by wagering less and potentially winning more often.

Fundamentally, you want to try and bring in steady earnings rather than targeting the win of a lifetime.

In online gambling, it’s all about balancing risk with the potential for steady earnings.

Any other situation and you merely put yourself in a position where your bankroll is getting whittled down and the statistics are no longer working in your favour.

In case you didn’t know, has online gambling guides on an array of other games and topics.

Check them out today to broaden your knowledge base. To try Keno at some of our best casinos check them out below:

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