How to benefit from casino loyalty schemes

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These schemes can take the form of various names, with casinos combining words such as VIP, loyalty, reward, club, or programme. In essence, these are schemes in which you, the player, aim to get rewarded in exchange for wagering on games.

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Earning comp points

A VIP loyalty programme is one that provides you with comp points or status points based on the volume of real money that you wager on games.

For the long-term, the casino will track your points and accordingly move through the loyalty levels that apply to your standard of performance.

When earning points, it’s also important to know if a casino differentiates between the valuations placed on games.

For example, you could three points for every £10 wagered on video slots or progressive jackpots, whereas table games could only be worth one point.

Therefore, it’s smart to check the terms and conditions for full details.

As you can understand now, it’s all about wagering for the points needed to raise your status level.

If you can keep improving, then you will ensure that you receive a steady stream of bigger and better rewards.

Using comp points

What you must bear in mind about comp points is that casino loyalty programmes often give you the option of cashing them in once enough are earned.

This is great if you want to receive the cash, but you could also have to restart your loyalty quest if you remove all of the comp points.

Another factor to bear in mind about comp points is whether or not you have to hit monthly targets.

Generally, there are two main strategies adopted by VIP loyalty casinos:

• Standard monthly levels: this structure is more difficult because it requires you to earn the same monthly comp points to retain your status. For example, you might have to earn 50,000 points every single month for bronze in a programme.

• Monthly maintenance: some casinos reward your progress by only asking that you earn a small amount of points in order to maintain your status. This could mean that you only have to earn 2,500 points to hold your gold status.

Top tips for casino loyalty schemes

Finally, here are some tips to ensure that you can make the most from using online loyalty schemes:

• Choose your games wisely: when table games earn a third of the comp points that a video slot does, then it makes more sense to go with the reels. It can take a long time to get higher in these programmes, so make sure that you have a strategy.

• Know your monthly targets: let’s say that you have reached the next status level and you are delighted with the perks. Make sure you keep getting them by knowing how many points you have to earn for the next month.

• Go for realistic targets: reward programmes are always easier when you only have to earn a portion of monthly maintenance points. Starting over from scratch is simply too expensive a process to keep repeating.

• Think before cashing out: are you close to reaching the next status level? If so, then you might want to wait before redeeming your points.

• Be smart with cashing out: you might be delighted with the perks you get as a silver player. In theory, you could take any excess points beyond your monthly maintenance and cash them out while still gaining from the silver benefits.

There are so many details attached to online casino rewards, and one programme can be different to the next. Never take anything for granted and always make sure you know the rules.

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