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Win Both Halves Bet Explained

Footy betting tips present the Win Both Halves bet explained in details.

Read inside everything about this bet, as well as examples of how it can be implemented in your betting strategy.

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Half-time/Full-time Betting Explained

Looking for half-time full-time bets explanation? Read inside to get a better idea what it means and how you should play on it.

Comprehensive and detailed guide, aimed for new or experienced punters to gain better understanding on the concept.

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Football Double Chance Bet & Odds Explained

Are you familiar with what Double Chance bet is? Can you calculate its odds by yourself?

No worries, this article will give you all of the formulas and calculations needed.

You will learn how to check if the odds given by the book are worth it.

Draw No Bet Explained

Usually right below your regular straight odds in the game, you would see the odds for double chance, and then the Draw No Bet ones.

The Draw No Bet are odds where you can pick a winner, but if the game ends a draw your stake is refunded. However sometimes the bookmaker will give you a bit of bonus % there and sometimes not.

Should you bet low on high odds or high on low odds

Football punters value security and more or less are guided by the odds.

As soon as they see the low odds, it gives them a signal that this is a sure game, and they go with the low odds.

The price they pay? A huge bet, that can be lost and it will be hardly made up.