Sports Betting Guides

How to read horse racing form

Horse betting relies a lot on knowing the horses and knowing what shape they are in and how they are expected to perform.

Reading the shape of a horse is crucial to make an adequate decision on which to place the bet.

Find out inside some tips and tricks on doing that which will increase your understanding and allow you to make better judgments.

Top Types of Horse Racing Bets Explained

Betting on horses seems like a simple task, but that’d be deceiving as there are many types of bets.

Learn inside the most popular types of horse betting, see the differences, their advantages and disadvantages.

Start betting today on horses and experience the adrenaline online as you were on the tracks.

Footy Betting Explained: Player Betting Markets

A lot of time, you are looking for a logical “sure” bet and some quality odds in order to stake your money.

The player betting markets are a wonderful way to get high odds for a good amount of risk.

Check out inside the types of bets you can choose from and what we suggest in order to optimize your betting patterns.

Footy Betting Explained: ACCAs

When trying to get more out of your bet, you are looking for higher odds, which is quite logical and normal.

But to get high odds, you do not need a single game, or event. You can simply play an accumulator of your choice, consisting of several games.

Find out inside how to play those and how to increase your odds of your bets.

Footy Betting Explained: Both Teams to Score

When looking for a quality bet, a lot of times the odds play a major factor in your choice as low odds aren’t worth it.

And while your favorite team may have something very unsatisfying, the odds for Both Teams to Score always circle around 1.80 up to 2.10.

Analyzing the past performances of both teams can make your prediction on this type of bet quite accurate.

Footy Betting Explained: Goals Over/Under

When the odds for your team aren’t good enough and even an Asian Handicap is not good enough, to the rescue comes Under/Over bets.

While it may be hard to predict which way the game will go, based on statistics it’s pretty common to try to determine how many goals will be in the game.

These bets allow you to get moderate odds for a moderate amount of risk, that are very well worth it.

Footy Betting Explained: Asian Handicap

Often when you want to back your favorite team, the odds are not as good as you were hoping for.

In that scenario, the Asian Handicap comes to the rescue, providing you with sufficient odds for a good amount of risk.

Check our recommendations, tips and tricks with those bets as well as what book you can use to place them.