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How slot volatility impacts winnings

Slots volatility may sound like a very complicated term and something you don’t want to get into but it’s not.

In fact slots volatility is an easily understood term that will help you understand how online slots work.

Be sure to read our guide inside and get a better understanding what it is and how it works.

Top online gambling welcoming deals

There are a lot of welcoming offers in all gambling niches, but it’s hard to look through all of them and pick the best ones.

We have done that for anyone who wants only the best what the sportsbooks, poker rooms and casinos have to offer.

Check out inside what we have picked as some of the best welcoming offers and claim over $30,0000 of sign up packages.

How to read horse racing form

Horse betting relies a lot on knowing the horses and knowing what shape they are in and how they are expected to perform.

Reading the shape of a horse is crucial to make an adequate decision on which to place the bet.

Find out inside some tips and tricks on doing that which will increase your understanding and allow you to make better judgments.

Deposit methods explained: pay by phone bill

There are many many depositing and withdrawal methods online these days, but one of them is quite unknown.

Depositing by phone bill, is something a lot of players, reply with “what?” to, as it’s not really that popular but quite useful.

Read our guide inside, and see if depositing this way, is convenient for you.

Deposit methods explained: eVouchers

While depositing methods are handful today, choice overwhelms many of the online players.

Hidden taxes, unable to withdraw and all sorts of unexpected events occur when players go with an unknown depositing method.

We are reviewing eVouchers as a depositing method, showing its varieties, strengths and weaknesses.

How to judge online casino software

Casinos may look alike, but under the ‘hood’ a lot of them run different software with different benefits and cons.

Read inside to see what are the major brands, and what they offer and where they come from.

Pick a casino, which suits your best needs, and give it a try, as everyone has their own preferences.

Going mobile at online gambling sites

While the desktop users used to be a big portion of every website’s traffic, nowdays things have changed.

More than sixty percent of most websites are visited these days by people on online devices, ranging from phones to tablets, laptops etc.

Check inside which devices are supported, what mobile operating systems are compatible with most online casinos and more.