Casino Guides

How to examine online casino terms and conditions

Reading terms and conditions is a boring and tedious thing, and literally nobody does it, especially when it comes to casinos.

Our guide will give you tips and tricks on how to quickly examine T&Cs, so you don’t end up being cheating with no legal right.

Check out inside on what are some of the key points you should be looking at, and how to identify a good from bad casino.

What to expect as a VIP casino player

Are you a VIP player or do you plan to become one, and wondered what the benefits are in terms of bonuses and loyal schemes?

Wonder no more, we have outlined everything you need to know inside and see whether or not it’s worth it to be one.

Find higher bonuses, faster cash-outs, special prizes and tons of other perks that come with the VIP status.

Top Video Games Casino Slots

We don’t know a person, who hasn’t played a single video game in their life or at least one that has enjoyed.

This is our list of iconic video games that were converted to slots and offer you a lot of fun in the casino.

Check out what we have picked, what the games offer and where exactly can you play them at.

Best music slots

Are you a music fan, or do you have a favorite song? Well music fans can enjoy music songs converted to slots.

Check out our list of top music slots with which you can climb the charts today.

We have an US player option as well for those who want to play from the USA but usually are restricted.

Best movie slots to play

Are you a slot fan, looking for some quality games with awesome familiar characters, great animations and cool puzzles?

Big movie slots is what you might be looking for, delivered to us by Micrograming, one of the best slot creators of all time.

Check out our list inside and see which best movie slots we have picked and the story behind them.

Find the best US friendly casino online

Most of the casino platforms these days do NOT accept American Players, because of the UIGEA 2006 and it’s been like that ever since.

However there are plenty of US friendly casinos out there, that are also legitimate and would allow you to play as an US citizen legally.

Read more inside and find out what exactly they offer and what kind of a welcoming package you can get when you sign up.