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A Cheat Sheet For Online Craps Payouts

While popular casino games like Blackjack or roulette can be pretty straight forward as long as you know the rules, Craps is quite different.

In fact Craps has been voted for one of the most confusing casino table games, for both new and long term players.

To help you in this venture we have created a cheat sheet for you, and we have provided a payout table to help you out with the game.

Improve chances to win when playing online slots?

There are numerous ways to increase your chances of winning when you are playing online slots.

Inside we have provided a lot of tips and tricks you can use, as well as things to look for.

We have also included a few USA friendly casinos that give you free spins and a free bonus chip.

6 Online Slots That Pay Real Cash at Microgaming Casinos

What are the top 6 casino slots that pay real cash and will reward you big time for playing?

We have outline some of the biggest online slots that give crazy amounts of progressive jackpots.

Be sure to check our casino offers and sign up bonuses you can get and start your online gambling journey.

Top 10 Best Online Casino Deals

How would you like to claim over $44,000 in welcoming packages from online casinos in the next 15 minutes?

We have a lot of online casinos with a lot of welcoming packages, but we have outlined the top 10 that every player should check out.

As always we recommend that you get familiar with the terms and conditions with each, as there are always certain rules.

How to win at online casino slots

One of the ultimate questions is how to win when you are playing online slots in a casino.

While there is no holy grail or a definite answer, there are a number of factors that affect your winnings.

By understanding every aspect that makes you “win” you would be able to increase your chances of succeeding.

Development of VR Casino Sites

The development of VR casino sites has already started and very soon we are supposed to see the first of them pop online.

Companies and software providers are already in the process of testing and gathering user feedback and perfecting what’s supposed to become mainstream.

See inside what’s on the roadmap and what we can expect in the future, from VR casino sites.

Casino deposit methods explained: credit/debit cards

Depositing with credit or debit cards in a casino is a very easy process, but you have to make sure the casino is safe and secure.

We have listed inside exactly what types of credit and debit cards most casinos accept and what things to look for when you are doing.

Once you are convinced that you have found a safe and secure platform, only then proceed with depositing your money and playing.