Footy Betting Explained: Goals Over/Under

Footy Betting Explained: Goals Over/Under

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At every level of football, there can be matches that are extremely close to call, and it’s a frustrating feeling trying to find the slightest reason whether or not to back one team or the other – or even the draw.

In this case, you can look backing over/under a set level of goals and you may well find that simpler.

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Goals Over/Under Betting Explained

Online sportsbook deals with goals over/under by assigning levels that fall between traditional numbers.

For example, you can bet over or under 2.5 goals occurring in a match. If you bet under 2.5 goals and the result is 1-1, then you win, but a 2-1 result would cause you to lose.

In goals over/under, 2.5 is the most common bet promoted by sportsbooks, but there are several options for you to consider.

These can be much more dramatic in terms of outcomes and can present much higher odds. For the most part, these are the top goals over/under betting markets:

• 0.5 goals – over/under
• 1.5 goals – over/under
• 2.5 goals – over/under
• 3.5 goals – over/under
• 4.5 goals – over/under
• 5.5 goals – over/under

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Goals Over/Under in Action

To give you an example, let’s look at the odds available for Man Utd v Tottenham meeting in the 2017/18 Premier League season.

This particular encounter was played at Old Trafford and took place on October 28th 2017.

In the previous round of matches, Man Utd made critical mistakes in their 2-1 away loss to Huddersfield Town, whereas Tottenham Hotspur were the ones to force errors from Liverpool and earn a 4-1 victory at home.

bet365 priced Tottenham quite generously at 3.50 to win, while the draw was available for 3.30.

Both were viable outcomes ahead of the game, with Man Utd winning at home available for 2.10.

However, some punters will had their doubts when it came to picking the full-time result.

As an alternative, it would be a viable option to place a goals over/under bet.

Here are the odds you would expect for such an encounter:

• 0.5 goals – over: 1.071/under 9.50
• 1.5 goals – over: 1.33/under: 3.25
• 2.5 goals – over: 2.05/under: 1.75
• 3.5 goals – over: 3.75/under: 1.25
• 4.5 goals – over: 8.00/under: 1.083
• 5.5 goals – over: 17.00/under: 1.025

Picking Your Bet

From the above list, you should be able to see that obvious outcomes like over 0.5 goals, under 4.5 goals, and under 5.5 goals all carry negligible odds.

Therefore, it is imperative to find a potentially more profitable outcome from the options available.

Two weeks prior José Mourinho was widely described as “parking the bus” when playing away to Liverpool, and this has been a common trait of the Portuguese tactician.

For this reason, it would be logical to back an outcome like under 2.5 goals at 1.75.

Having said that, football is rarely a perfectly predictable sport. In this case, punters can consider backing over 2.5 goals for 2.05.

If a team is faced with defensive injuries, or playing an opponent that is strong away from home, then these factors can be considered in making your bet.

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