Footy Betting Explained: Asian Handicap

Footy Betting Explained: Asian Handicap

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Football will often be great to watch whenever you see two closely matched teams meeting each other.

However, the nature of competitions like the Champions League will result in European heavyweights being handed matches with minnows who are unlikely to stand a chance.

Fortunately, Asian handicap betting can be useful in such instances.

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Asian Handicap Betting Explained

In the 2017/18 Champions League, Liverpool thoroughly destroyed NK Maribor when playing their away match of the group stage.

Understandably, this led to Liverpool being priced at 1.03 by for the return match at Anfield.

This is precisely the time whenever an Asian handicap bet can be effective.

The logic of an Asian handicap is that you apply negative goals to an overwhelming favourite, whereas backing the underdog will see goals being added to their score.

At the end of the game, you selection of negative or positive goals shall be applied to the final score and determine the outcome of your bet.

Asian Handicap Betting in Action

Following the explanation above, it’s time to see how such a bet would work in action.

A sportsbook like will allow you to cover an array of different pluses and minuses for the home or away team.

In this case, let’s look at Liverpool winning with -3.0. Having been devastated in the first game, NK Maribor are fired up and want to defend much more resolutely to avoid a second horrific result. Nevertheless, a strong chance remains that Liverpool win convincingly.

Instead of receiving 1.03 odds for Liverpool to win, you will now have 1.425 by selecting the -3.0 option.

Quite simply, this means that Liverpool must win by four or more clear goals. Anything less and you will lose your bet.

If you would prefer to back NK Maribor, then you apply +4.0 and receive 1.70 odds.

In the event that Liverpool only win 3-0, then the +4.0 would give NK Maribor a 4-3 victory and you a winning bet.

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Complex Asian Handicap Markets

The above was a simple example of Asian handicap betting, but you can double up for a more complicated outcome.

In this case, we shall place a double handicap bet with Liverpool to win with -2.5, -3.0 applied. As a result, the odds are now 1.375 instead of 1.425.

On this occasion, you are covering two potential outcomes, which is why the odds are now lower at 1.375.

You will still win the bet if Liverpool win by four or more clear goals. However, let’s say that Liverpool only win by three clear goals.

If this happens, then you will receive back half your stake because you added the -2.5.

When backing two negative or positive weightings in one bet, you are providing a degree of insurance in the event that your bet fails by one goal.

This being said, you will miss out on the higher odds, like with the example above.

For the most part, Asian handicap betting can be difficult to call in close encounters, but it just might work out whenever teams are unfairly matched.

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