Footy Betting Explained: ACCAs

Footy Betting Explained: ACCAs

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The accumulator (ACCA) is the betting tool of choice for thousands of football fans. By combining multiple selection into a single bet, they can obtain much larger odds than backing single results.

Unfortunately, there is no dark art to guaranteeing ACCA success, but this guide will be able to deliver some helpful tips.

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ACCAs Explained

The combining of multiple selections will lead to the accumulating of larger odds and there are different ways of doing so. These are some of the top forms of ACCAs favoured by footy fans:

• Double: back a pair of results in one bet.
• Treble: back three results.
• [Number] folds: the backing of three or more results is called a number of folds (e.g. a four fold is four results combined in your bet).

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ACCAs in Action

The current example is for the Champions League fixtures that were held from November 21st to 22nd 2017. For each match, the selected team shall appear in bold:

• Besiktas v Porto @ 2.87
• Sevilla v Liverpool @ 2.50
• Monaco v RB Leipzig @ 2.20
• Napoli v Shaktar @ 1.44
• CSKA Moscow v Benfica @ 2.10
• Qarabag Fk v Chelsea @ 1.40
• Anderlecht v Bayern Munich @ 1.33
• FS Basel v Man Utd @ 1.86

After being combined into an eight-fold ACCA, the total odds are 167.38.

Therefore, a bet of just £1 could result in a £166.38 profit for a small stake on only one bet.

This being said, high-odds ACCAs can be tricky to pull off and require some thought.

ACCA Betting Advice

ACCAs are a firm favourite in football betting because they bring friends together to share their latest list of prospects and brag about their potential odds.

The frequent winning of high-level ACCAs simply is very tough, but there are some tips that can help you out:

• Home advantage: Online sportsbooks favour the home side for a reason. When in doubt, you can consider going with the home team.

• Home/away form: Tottenham were unbeatable at home in the 2016/17 Premier League season, while Burnley awful away from home. Analyse home and away form to discover patterns of results that could help your ACCA to succeed.

• Club rivalries: Chelsea have dominated Man Utd at Stamford Bridge for more than a decade. This is exactly the type of detail that will help you remove risky results from your ACCA.

• ACCA protection: This can be contentious topic, given that you accept lower odds for claiming your stake back if one team lets you down. Honestly, though, getting back £1 when you could have had £166.38 profit is scant consolation.

• Big teams: Some fans have major success by using larger stakes and backing a handful of big teams. This can prove viable compared to taking on risky ACCAs.

• Use your knowledge: Why would you go venturing off to the Dutch Eredivisie or the Belgian Jupliler league whenever you know more about the Premier League and the Championship? Stick to what you know and you can avoid bling betting.

Always remember to practice your ACCA betting responsibly and you can enjoy this as an added dimension to your football viewing.

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