Deposit Methods Explained: Bitcoin

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Bitcoin spent years in the underground, having first found favour on the dark web. Now, though, Bitcoin has transitioned into the mainstream and each unit can be worth thousands of dollars.

After first emerging in January 2009, Bitcoin has made it viable for several other major cryptocurrencies release in the payment world.

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What Are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

There is an initial process of understanding that is required when being introduced to what Bitcoin is and how it functions.

Bitcoin was the first-ever de-centralised currency, and is technically defined as cryptocurrency.

No banks or administrators are responsible for the operating of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is transferred digitally between users on a peer-to-peer basis, whereas traditional currencies are moved through financial intermediaries online.

The elimination of intermediaries is made possible because Bitcoin uses cryptography as the means of securing and completing the process.

Functionally, cryptocurrency is extremely secure, given that transactions are completed using a public code key.

Mathematically, it’s not possible to reverse the code to find the private key. As a result, users can feel safe and secure whenever they use Bitcoin. Another advantage of the process is that users can trade the cryptocurrency with greater privacy.

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How to Deposit with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now an acceptable form of payment at major sportsbooks, online casinos, and poker sites.

For anybody wanting to use the cryptocurrency, here is a step-by-step process for learning how to deposit with Bitcoin:

• Find a wallet: the first step is to pick a Bitcoin wallet. These can run through browsers, apps, or hardware, with some of the main options including Bitcoin Wallet, GreenBits, TREZOR, Airbitz, and Electrum.

• Visit a Bitcoin Exchange: Coinbase and Kraken are two Bitcoin exchanges where transactions can be completed for the cryptocurrency. After creating an account, you must confirm your identity and provide a viable payment method.

• Pay for Bitcoin: now, it will be possible for you to acquire Bitcoin by exchanging real-world currency. Provide your Bitcoin wallet address and you will be able to receive the cryptocurrency whenever your payment has been processed.

• Deposit with a Bitcoin casino: the final step is to sign up or log in with your Bitcoin casino. At this point, you will be able to send Bitcoin to your account by creating a transaction code to facilitate the process.

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Top Tips for Bitcoin Deposits

If you want to start making Bitcoin deposits, then here are some final tips to embrace:

• Be patient: the Bitcoin servers only complete six transactions per hour for each user.

• Stay safe: only use Bitcoin exchanges that are regulated and adopt identity verification checks.

• Downloads only: the general rule is that downloadable Bitcoin wallets are much more secure than browser-based ones.

• Make new addresses: create new Bitcoin addresses to ensure that no hackers are monitoring your transactions.

• Long-term storage: consider using Bitcoin hardware to store your currency offline during longer periods of time.

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Bitcoin isn’t difficult to use, with the only major obstacle being the rising cost to acquire the cryptocurrency.

Those fortunate enough to have some can use it at participating gambling sites.

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